Essay on tourism industry in mauritius

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Essay on tourism industry in mauritius

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Short Essay on Eco Tourism Words Article shared by Eco tourism is one of the fastest growing trends in the worldwide tourism industry. Environment has an intrinsic value which outweighs its value as a tourism asset. It is also agreed upon by environmental experts that the three elements, viz.

Whilst there is a general support for a symbiotic relationship between the two, i. It is a form of tourism which fosters environmental principles with an emphasis and visiting and observing natural areas; the emphasis on tourism as much as this can be separated from recreation is deliberate.

Eco tourism relates to the quality of the environment and to ensure that the impacts from the activity are controlled comprehensively. Eco tourism is one of the most popular alternative tourism forms. Its advocates believe that it engenders a sense of need for environmental protection among local population once the latter realize conservation does not mean loss of economic opportunity.

Hopefully, eco tourism can provide the local community with jobs, enabling a shift away from unsustainable practices such as over grazing, mining or logging in environmentally sensitive eco systems.

Essay about tourism industry

However, the critics argue that with the establishment of bio-diversity protection-cum-tourism conservation projects, people living in the area tend to lose their shelter and means of livelihood.

On the contrary, some of the deleterious effects not withstanding, tourism has also contributed to the protection of natural environment and cultural heritage; in particular to the restoration of historical and archaeological buildings, works of art.

Nature parks in many parts of the world have been established partly to boost tourism, thus, protecting natural environment landscape, fauna and flora from destruction by modern development.

Preservation and conservation of environmental qualities, recreation and education are, indeed, the core themes behind the development of national parks and reserves.

Essay on tourism industry in mauritius

As an ideal principle, tourism should be developed within the carrying capacity of the park and not at the cost of the park resources. Academics warn that like any other form of tourism, eco tourism attracts visitors to isolated and remote areas which often cannot sustain intensive human activities.

Although eco tourism supposedly increases local involvement in the industry, government policies typically counteract this object through exclusion of the poorest. Moreover, similar to mass tourism, many organizations controlling eco tourist flows are powerful transnational companies, allowing the destination only a minor part of income generated by it.

Nevertheless, eco tourism is regarded as a positive dimension of tourism involving minimum density, low impact activities taking place at natural sites of sufficient biological, cultural and geographical interest to tourists.

The development of nature based tourism products by the tourism organizations is an acknowledgement of the perceived value shifts in modern society favouring environmental conservation and liable to be translated into greater active tourist participation, interest and concern for the environment.

Eco tourism, indeed, has the phenomenal potential as a tool for sustainable development.Even though the total area of land of the Maldives is relatively small, the republic's tourism industry has been on a rise ever since the 's (Zubair et al.

). Zubair () explained that ever since the 's, tourism has played a tremendously huge role in the Maldives. Essay about tourism industry 18 novembre La tortue de mer descriptive essay, genren essay, stetige verteilungsfunktion beispiel essay against raising minimum wage essay conclusion ethnically diverse workforce essay.

Petra liedl dissertation Petra liedl. MAURITIUS: DIRECT CONTRIBUTION OF TRAVEL & TOURISM TO GDP MAURITIUS:TOTAL CONTRIBUTION OF TRAVEL & TOURISM TO GDP 1 All values are in constant prices & exchange rates TRAVEL & TOURISM'S CONTRIBUTION TO GDP1 The direct contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP in was MURbn (% of GDP).

This is forecast to rise by % to MURbn in The Mauritian Tourism Industry August Bank of Mauritius (BoM) tourism receipts showed sustained YoY growth to Rsbn (+9%) in However, this was not reflected on P&Ls of listed hotel groups which showed flat or declining revenue from Mauritius hotels.

While in. JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. Tourism industry has developed to become a pillar of the Mauritian economy. But other countries like Seychelles, Maldives, Srilanka are catching up with the competition.

As Mauritius is known as the 'Culture Nation', new marketing strategy and policy should be developed to promote culture as the major role in Mauritius Tourism Industry.

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